Communication Key for Jonathan Kuminga and Steve Kerr as Golden State Warriors Seek Improvement

SAN FRANCISCO — Following a recent report by The Athletic indicating that Jonathan Kuminga had concerns about coach Steve Kerr’s ability to help him reach his full potential, the two met in Kerr’s office before Friday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

Kuminga’s frustration had grown after being benched for the final 18 minutes of the previous game against the Denver Nuggets, despite a strong performance. This decision to limit his playing time drew scrutiny, and Kuminga’s doubts were brought to light. The meeting between Kuminga and Kerr had a positive outcome, according to Kuminga.

The conversation focused on better understanding each other and improving communication. Kuminga expressed his comfort in approaching Kerr with questions or concerns, emphasizing the importance of open communication in addressing any issues.

In the game against the Pistons, Kuminga played a season-high 36 minutes and was on the court for the entire fourth quarter. He contributed 11 points and six rebounds and took on the role of primary defender against Cade Cunningham. Despite playing well, Kuminga has yet to consistently receive over 30 minutes of playing time in back-to-back games.

Kuminga addressed his concerns about his fluctuating role, particularly how he was sidelined when Andrew Wiggins returned to the lineup last season. Questions have arisen about Kuminga’s future with the Warriors and whether he will remain on the roster after the trade deadline. After the meeting with Kerr, Kuminga emphasized his love for the team and his belief in Kerr’s trust in him.

The main issue lies in finding a way for Kuminga and Wiggins to coexist on the court. Their pairing has not been successful, prompting Kerr to hesitate in utilizing them together. However, against the Pistons, Kerr attempted to play them together for a brief period, resulting in a slight positive impact. Nonetheless, Kuminga stressed the importance of focusing on the team’s needs above individual interests.

With Chris Paul’s injury, more playing time opportunities are opening up, potentially allowing for further experimentation with Kuminga and Wiggins lineups. However, the impending return of Draymond Green from suspension may present another challenge in terms of balancing the team’s depth.

The article concludes with a quote from Stephen Curry, expressing understanding of Kuminga’s frustration and praising his professionalism and commitment to the team.