Communication Struggles Plague Miami Dolphins’ Offense, Threatening Playoff Ambitions in 2024

Miami, FL – The Miami Dolphins’ high-flying offense faltered when it mattered most, scoring less than 20 points in their final three games of the season and ending with their lowest output for the entire 2023 season.

Following their disappointing 26-7 loss, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa addressed the struggles of the offense in recent weeks. When asked about the issues, he repeatedly mentioned the importance of communication.

“As the leader of that offense, it really started with practices,” Tua emphasized. “That’s how we should’ve gotten things going, through effective communication in practice, knowing where we should be going in this loud environment. The communication errors led to delay of games and hindered our ability to change the protection in time. It was all about communication errors.”

When specifically questioned about the team’s difficulties on third down, Tua again pointed to communication as a crucial factor.

“I believe it all comes down to being efficient on first and second down,” Tua responded. “We’ve had communication errors and we cannot afford that.”

Interestingly, Tua attributed the challenges they faced against the Kansas City Chiefs’ blitzing defense to communication errors as well.

“I would attribute that to the communication errors we’ve had,” Tua explained. “Are we hearing the right formation? Okay, we’re getting out but we have two motions that we have to use. Then there’s maybe nine seconds left on the clock, and we’re motioning. Now it’s about five seconds and we don’t have time to change, so we’ve got to play and navigate through where our ‘hots’ would be, but they pressured us.”

The stark reality of the offensive struggles is surprising considering the team’s previous success. However, it is a challenge that the Dolphins must address if they hope to advance beyond the wild-card round in 2024.

One crucial aspect that needs examination is whether the quarterback, who is central to all offensive communication, needs to improve his own communication skills.

Regardless, the Dolphins currently find themselves in the category of being a good team but not a great one. The offseason will be an opportunity for them to reflect on what they can do to reach that next level.

In conclusion, the Miami Dolphins’ high-flying offense experienced a downturn, scoring less than 20 points in their final three games of the 2023 season. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa emphasized the significance of communication when addressing the struggles. The team’s inefficiency on third down and challenges against blitzing were attributed to communication errors. The Dolphins will need to address these issues if they aim to exceed the wild-card round in 2024. The offseason will provide an opportunity for the team to assess and improve their communication process. Miami hopes to bridge the gap between being a good team and becoming a great team.