Controversial Film “Vyuham” on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Life Faces Release Setback Ahead of Elections

HYDERABAD, India – The highly anticipated film “Vyuham,” directed by filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and based on the life of YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, is facing obstacles ahead of its release. On Monday, the Telangana high court suspended the film’s censor certificate and ordered the National Board for Film Certification to review the film once again. The court has asked for the review committee report to be submitted within three weeks, during which time the film cannot be released anywhere in the state.

The court’s decision came after a writ petition was filed by TDP general secretary Lokesh, who raised concerns about the film’s content. As per the court’s orders, it will likely take at least a month to reach a final decision once the review committee report is submitted. However, even if the board gives a favorable report, there is no guarantee the court will accept it.

Adding to the uncertainty, the Election Commission of India is expected to announce the election schedule soon. Any decision on releasing films and advertising content would have to go through the Election Commission’s committee. This complicates the potential release of “Vyuham” before the elections, rendering the purpose of the film uncertain.

Meanwhile, another film based on Jagan’s life, titled “Yatra-2” and directed by Mahi Raghava, is set to release in the first week of February. Unlike “Vyuham,” “Yatra-2” reportedly does not contain any controversial elements.

Overall, the release of “Vyuham” hangs in the balance as it faces further scrutiny and potential delays. As the political landscape in Andhra Pradesh evolves with the forthcoming elections, the fate of the film remains uncertain, leaving its purpose and impact uncertain as well.