Controversial Hosts Lead Elon Musk’s New Streaming Venture X with Politics, Culture, and Sports Show

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Entrepreneur Elon Musk is making his foray into the television industry as he launches a streaming service through his company X. Musk has enlisted controversial hosts to lead X’s new venture into streaming. Former CNN anchor Don Lemon is partnering with X to create a show that will exclusively stream on Musk’s platform, covering politics, culture, sports, and entertainment. Lemon will be joined by former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and sports commentator Jim Rome, who will also host shows on X.

The move is in line with Musk’s vision of X as a “free speech” platform. Previously, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson hosted a show on X but later launched his own streaming service, the Tucker Carlson Network. Now, Musk has determined the necessary technology for a streaming service and has found three other hosts who are known for speaking their minds to lead X’s streaming push.

Lemon’s firing from CNN was fueled by a series of contentious comments that clashed with the network’s management. Similarly, Gabbard left the Democratic party in 2022 after an unsuccessful presidential run, posting a video announcement on Twitter criticizing Democratic leaders. Jim Rome, the host of “The Jim Rome Show,” is notorious for a physical altercation with NFL quarterback Jim Everett during a live radio show in 1994.

X is positioning itself as a “video-first platform” to regain advertising dollars. The company is expanding access to a pilot on February 1st with media metrics company Integral Ad Science, aiming to improve “brand safety” for advertisers.

These three shows are X’s first venture into streaming, with Lemon’s show scheduled for three days a week, Rome’s show for five days a week, and Gabbard’s show as less frequent, documentary-style videos. While currently free, X has been considering the introduction of subscriptions in recent months.

In summary, entrepreneur Elon Musk is entering the television industry with X’s streaming service. Former CNN anchor Don Lemon, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and sports commentator Jim Rome will host shows on X, which aims to be a “video-first platform.” This move supports Musk’s vision of X as a platform for free speech and represents X’s first venture into streaming.