Controversial Joke at Critics Choice Awards: Ariana DeBose and Bella Ramsey Embrace at Emmys, Putting Incident Behind Them

Los Angeles, CA – A viral moment at the Critics Choice Awards between Ariana DeBose and Bella Ramsey did not result in any ill feelings between the two actresses. The incident occurred while Ramsey and Anthony Ramos were presenting the Best Song category at the awards show. Ramsey’s joke, which referred to DeBose and others as “actors who also think that they are singers,” drew criticism on social media.

DeBose, an accomplished singer and actor who won an Academy Award for her role in “West Side Story,” took to social media to express her dissatisfaction with the joke. She posted, “No, I didn’t find it funny. Lol.” Despite the backlash, Ramsey and DeBose were seen embracing each other with a hug at the Emmys the following day.

The viral moment ignited a discussion about the line between acting and singing in the entertainment industry. Many pointed out DeBose’s talent and accolades in both fields, highlighting the inaccuracy and insensitivity of the joke. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis also expressed her outrage on social media, calling DeBose “a queen” and expressing disbelief at the comment.

The incident highlights the power and impact of jokes made during awards shows. While Ramsey may not have been the writer of the joke, she faced criticism for delivering it. The embrace between DeBose and Ramsey at the Emmys suggests that there is no animosity between them despite the controversy.

The viral moment serves as a reminder of the need for sensitivity and consideration in comedic moments at awards shows, especially when it comes to recognizing the talents and accomplishments of individuals in the entertainment industry. Acts of support and reconciliation, like the hug between DeBose and Ramsey, can help mend any misunderstandings or hurt caused by such incidents.