Controversial Overturned Call in Celtics’ Loss Sparks Outrage from Jaylen Brown: NBA Urged to Investigate

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Boston Celtics’ star Jaylen Brown is calling for an investigation by the NBA into a controversial overturned call during Monday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers. The Celtics, without Jayson Tatum, entrusted the ball to Brown in the final seconds of a 131-131 tie. Brown attempted a jumper but was fouled by Buddy Hield, which, according to the initial call, would have given him two potential go-ahead free throws with 3.2 seconds left. However, the call was challenged by the Pacers, and upon review, it was overturned to a clean block. The Pacers were then awarded possession. On the subsequent play, the Pacers’ Bennedict Mathurn was fouled and made two of three free throws to secure a 133-131 victory.

The Celtics were left outraged by the ending of the game. Brown, who scored a season-high 40 points, expressed his frustration, stating that Hield had hit him in the head. Brown believes that the league should investigate the play, as he finds it nonsensical to claim that being hit in the head is considered part of the ball. Brown also mentioned that the official told him he hadn’t been hit when he questioned him after the incident.

Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla did not go as far as Brown but revealed that Hield acknowledged fouling Brown. Hield, however, noted that it is ultimately the referees’ responsibility to make the call.

Despite the loss, the Celtics maintain the best record in the league at 28-8. Conversely, the Pacers, with a record of 21-15, have more pressing concerns. They await the MRI results for their star point guard, Tyrese Haliburton, who sustained a left hamstring strain during the first half of the game and had to be carried off the court by his teammates.