Controversial VAR Decisions Overshadow Real Madrid’s Comeback Victory

Madrid, Spain – Spanish referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez has expressed his frustration with the increasing use of videos by Real Madrid TV (RMTV), the club’s official in-house channel, to support claims of biased refereeing against their team. Hernandez Hernandez, who has frequently been featured in these videos, spoke about the negative impact they have on referees and the perception of them as enemies. The controversy around Hernandez Hernandez resurfaced after his recent performance as the VAR official in a La Liga match between Real Madrid and Almeria.

During the game, Hernandez Hernandez made three significant VAR-assisted decisions that went in favor of Real Madrid. In each instance, he intervened to recommend a review of the on-pitch referee’s initial decisions. The first decision led to a penalty awarded to Real Madrid, the second resulted in a foul being called on Almeria, and the third reversed a handball ruling against Vinicius Junior, allowing his goal to stand. These calls sparked debate and criticism from pundits and fans, with some arguing that they were controversial.

Critics questioned the accuracy of the VAR system and the selection of camera angles used in the decision-making process. Jaume Roures, founder of Mediapro, the company that provides VAR systems, highlighted that the VAR officials have access to all the live and unedited camera images but questioned why certain angles were not shown to the on-pitch referee. Roures emphasized that the wrong camera angles were used to justify the decisions made in the game.

The issue of biased refereeing and the influence of RMTV videos on officials has been an ongoing concern in Spanish football. RMTV has been known to frequently release videos before matches featuring referees who are set to officiate in Real Madrid games. These videos are seen as an attempt to influence officials and pressurize them before the game. The Spanish refereeing committee chief, Luis Medina Cantalejo, expressed disapproval of these videos but stated his belief that they do not impact referee appointments or decisions during matches.

The controversy surrounding Hernandez Hernandez’s performance and the use of VAR has prompted calls for reform in how refereeing, including VAR, is managed in Spain. La Liga president Javier Tebas has advocated for the creation of an independent body to oversee refereeing, similar to the Premier League. However, the intertwined relationships and conflicting interests within Spanish football, as exemplified by the connections between Tebas, Roures, and clubs like Barcelona, have complicated efforts for reform.

Despite the ongoing debates, Hernandez Hernandez remains unfazed by the criticism and pressure. He maintains that he approaches every game with the same professionalism and hopes for clean and error-free matches. However, the controversy surrounding his decisions and the use of VAR in the Real Madrid-Almeria game continues to raise questions about the state of refereeing in Spanish football.

In conclusion, the increasing reliance on RMTV videos and the controversies surrounding VAR decisions have reignited debates about biased refereeing in Spanish football. The use of videos to influence officials before games and the perception of referees as enemies has created tension and scrutiny. Calls for reform in how refereeing is managed, including the establishment of an independent body, have emerged. These issues highlight the challenges and complexities facing Spanish football and its refereeing system.