Controversy Erupts as Naga Vamsi Challenges Box Office Trackers to Reveal Sources

GUNTUR, India – A heated dispute has erupted between ace producer Naga Vamsi and box office trackers over the reported collections of the film “Guntur Kaaram.” While the production house announced that the movie has grossed ₹215 crores to date, some trackers have raised doubts about the accuracy of these figures. In response, Vamsi has challenged the credibility of these trackers and demanded that they reveal their sources of information. The Distributors and Exhibitors Union is even considering legal action to compel the trackers to disclose their sources. This controversy has sparked discussions among industry stakeholders about the need for transparency in reporting a film’s true collections.

India lacks established collection tracking companies like Rentrak and Comscore, especially for single-screen theaters in the Telugu states. This absence of reliable tracking mechanisms has fueled skepticism and debate over the authenticity of reported box office figures. The ongoing dispute between Vamsi and the trackers carries significant implications and may lay the groundwork for future actions.

In response to the escalating controversy, the Producers Council and other industry stakeholders are said to be planning a meeting to devise an action plan that addresses the disclosure of a film’s true collections. It is clear that transparency and accountability in reporting box office numbers are critical for sustaining trust and promoting fair practices in the film industry. As discussions continue, the spotlight remains on the need for accurate and reliable methods of tracking collections in India’s movie business.