Controversy Erupts Over Sankranthi Releases as Dil Raju Hits Back at Unfair Screens Distribution

Hyderabad, India – Producer Dil Raju has come forward to address the recent controversy surrounding the distribution of screens for Sankranthi releases, specifically the films “Guntur Kaaram” and “Hanu Man.” Allegations of unfair distribution of screens have sparked criticism against Dil Raju, who is responsible for releasing “Guntur Kaaram” in the Nizam region.

As the President of Film Chamber, Dil Raju held meetings with the producers of all Sankranthi releases to address the issue at hand. However, certain web portals have reportedly misinterpreted the news, prompting Dil Raju to respond assertively. Expressing his frustration, he revealed that this is not the first time he has faced such controversies during Sankranthi releases, stating that it has been happening for the past 7-8 years.

Determined not to remain silent anymore, Dil Raju issued a warning, stating, “I have been speaking softly all this while, but if this continues, Thaata Teestha.”

Furthermore, Dil Raju refuted claims of distributing a Tamil dubbing film called “Alayan” and clarified that he postponed the Telugu release of the Tamil film to ensure a smooth release for the Telugu movies.

In this ongoing debacle surrounding screen distribution, Dil Raju’s response sheds light on the challenges faced by filmmakers during the Sankranthi season in India. This issue not only affects individual films but also impacts the availability of theaters for other releases. The distribution of screens is a critical factor in the success of a film, and any perceived bias or unfairness can lead to discontent among industry professionals and moviegoers alike.

As the controversy persists, it remains to be seen how authorities and industry stakeholders will address and resolve these concerns going forward. In the meantime, Dil Raju’s bold response serves as a reminder of the passion and determination that drives filmmakers to overcome obstacles and continue striving for success in the competitive world of cinema.

Dil Raju, a prominent film producer in Hyderabad, India, has responded strongly to allegations of unfair screen distribution for Sankranthi releases. As the President of Film Chamber and the distributor of “Guntur Kaaram” in the Nizam region, Dil Raju conducted meetings with fellow producers to address the issue. However, misrepresentation of the news in certain web portals has prompted Dil Raju to express his frustration. He stated that such controversies have plagued Sankranthi releases for the past several years, and he will no longer remain silent about it. Dil Raju also denied claims of distributing a Tamil film and clarified that he postponed its Telugu release to ensure a smooth launch for the Telugu movies. The ongoing controversy highlights the challenges faced by filmmakers during the Sankranthi season, affecting not only individual films but also the availability of theaters for others. As the issue unfolds, the response from industry professionals like Dil Raju underscores the determination to overcome obstacles and succeed in the competitive cinema industry.