Controversy Surrounds Sankranthi Films as Songs Glorify Alcohol Consumption

Hyderabad, India – This Sankranthi season in the film industry has witnessed the release of three major movies, each featuring a prominent star and a noteworthy commonality. ‘Guntur Kaaram,’ ‘Saindhav,’ and ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ all showcase a song dedicated to alcohol consumption. However, introducing a twist of irony, these songs endorse drinking alcohol while a constant statutory warning reminding viewers of its adverse health effects prominently flashes on the screen.

The film ‘Guntur Kaaram’ showcases the song ‘Mawaa Entainaa…,’ while ‘Saindhav’ introduces ‘Wrong Usage…’ and ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ presents ‘Seesa mootha ippu…’ – all of which glorify alcohol, accompanied by the star heroes dancing to their melodious tunes.

Curiously enough, the irony does not end there. The posters and scenes of ‘Guntur Kaaram’ and ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ feature lead actors Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna, respectively, smoking beedis, visually promoting cigarette smoking. In stark contrast, a text warning stating, ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health,’ appears on the screen.

These films, with their contradictory messages on alcohol consumption and smoking, raise questions about the influence of their portrayal on viewers. Critics argue that while the movies entertain audiences with their glamorous heroes indulging in these vices, the simultaneous warnings being displayed might seem hypocritical.

According to health experts, the prevalence of such cinematic presentations that glamorize alcohol and smoking may unintentionally influence young impressionable minds. The exposure to these behaviors on screen could normalize and encourage their adoption, potentially leading to detrimental health consequences.

Efforts to regulate and address these contradictions have been ongoing. In recent years, awareness campaigns have sought to combat the glorification of alcohol and tobacco in media. However, the continued prominence of these elements in popular cinema showcases the enduring challenge to strike a balance between entertainment and public health.

As the film industry evolves, it is crucial to consider the societal impact of its portrayals and make conscious decisions towards promoting a healthier lifestyle. The power of cinema, capable of shaping perspectives, demands responsible storytelling that aligns with public health objectives and safeguards the well-being of viewers.

In this ongoing debate, audiences are eager to witness how filmmakers respond to calls for more responsible narrative choices and whether the presence of these contradictory messages will continue to persist on the silver screen.