Corey Taylor Addresses Concerns and Focuses on Mental Health in Candid Video Message

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor has addressed concerns from fans about his well-being following the cancellation of his tour. In a recent video message posted on his Instagram account, Taylor explained his decision to take a break and prioritize his mental and physical health, as well as spend time with his family.

Taylor initially announced the cancellation of his solo North American tour to focus on self-care. However, just weeks later, he surprised fans by confirming a short series of shows in Asia. This led to confusion among some of his followers, prompting Taylor to respond directly to the speculation and criticism.

In the video, Taylor expressed understanding for his fans’ concerns and proceeded to explain the circumstances that led to the tour cancellation. He admitted to experiencing a breakdown of boundaries, mental health struggles, and personal issues, leading to a near relapse. Taylor emphasized the importance of taking the time to reset and seek the necessary help.

Addressing his decision to move forward with the Asia tour, Taylor clarified that it was a smaller commitment consisting of only four shows over the course of a week. He acknowledged the long journey ahead of him but expressed gratitude and hoped for patience from his fans.

Taylor recently completed tours in Europe and North America in support of his second solo album, “CMF2.” The album, produced by Jay Ruston, received critical acclaim and included successful singles like “Black Eyes Blue.” Providing further insight, Taylor revealed he had begun working on his next album, with Ruston in the studio alongside the rest of his solo band.

Corey Taylor’s openness about his struggles and commitment to self-care resonates with fans who appreciate his candidness and willingness to address concerns. As he navigates this challenging chapter, Taylor’s focus remains on healing and prioritizing his well-being. The sincerity of his message offers hope and support to his loyal fanbase.

Ultimately, Corey Taylor’s decision to cancel his North American tour and proceed with the Asia shows highlights the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health. Fans have expressed their understanding and continue to show support for the musician’s journey towards recovery.