Critics Slam ‘Animal’ Film Over Controversial Scenes and Impact on Indian Audience

Chennai, India – RJ Balaji, the well-known actor from the hit film “Mookuthi Amman,” is currently involved in the production of his upcoming movie, titled “Singapore Salon.” During a recent promotional interview, Balaji openly expressed his criticism towards Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film, “Animal.”

Balaji conveyed his perspective, stating, “I have no intention of watching ‘Animal.’ The thought of witnessing a theater full of people applauding scenes that depict the abuse and harassment of women is unbearable to me. The idea that people would cheer for such content, including scenes where a woman is asked to lick her lover’s shoe, makes me concerned about inadvertently incorporating similar scenes in my own film.”

Adding to the discussion, Taapsee Pannu shared her views on the film, remarking, “Animal cannot be compared to Hollywood films like ‘Gone Girl.’ Our audience is different. In Hollywood, people don’t mimic hairstyles or lines from movies, and certainly don’t start stalking women based on on-screen portrayals. This is our reality in India.”

These comments from prominent celebrities are drawing more attention to the upcoming OTT release of “Animal” on January 26. The streaming release will include a longer version of the film, with an additional eight minutes added to the original three hours and twenty-one minutes runtime. Notably, the news highlights a new scene featuring the lead actress, Rashmika Mandanna, further increasing anticipation for the film.