Crystal Kung Minkoff Fires Back at Dorit Kemsley for ‘Child Bride’ Comment on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LOS ANGELES – Crystal Kung Minkoff, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has responded to co-star Dorit Kemsley’s accusations of being a “child bride.” Kung Minkoff took to Instagram to share a list of keys to a successful marriage, indirectly addressing the comment made by Kemsley. The list includes suggestions such as setting aside quality time together, expressing love and appreciation, managing conflict constructively, and buying diamond necklaces instead of borrowing them. The last point was a dig at Kemsley’s husband, who gave her a diamond necklace on loan during an anniversary surprise. Kung Minkoff’s response has garnered praise from fans.

The incident occurred during an episode of the show when another cast member, Annemarie Wiley, accused Kung Minkoff of mocking the intelligence and superficiality of the other women. In response, Kung Minkoff denied the accusation and expressed her disbelief at the claim. The tension between Kung Minkoff and Kemsley escalated when Kemsley referred to her as a “child bride” during a confessional. Kung Minkoff, who married at the age of 24, defended her marriage and highlighted her educational achievements, including degrees in biology, history, and culinary education. Kemsley, who got married at the age of 38, also defended her own accomplishments, having graduated from college with degrees in marketing, design, and communication.

Fans of the show have shown support for Kung Minkoff, criticizing Kemsley’s comment as insulting and microaggressive. They believe that Kung Minkoff’s response was justified and that Kemsley’s insult was uncalled for. The feud between the two cast members continues to draw attention from viewers.

This incident is another example of the ongoing disagreements and conflicts portrayed on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” As the show continues, viewers can expect more drama and confrontations between the cast members.