Defamation Triumph: E Jean Carroll Vows to Invest Trump Trial Winnings in Causes He Hates

NEW YORK CITY – E Jean Carroll, a former Elle columnist, revealed her plans for the $83 million she was awarded in her defamation trial against Donald Trump. In an interview with Good Morning America, Carroll stated that she intends to use the money to support causes that the former president “hates”, indicating her intention to inflict pain on Trump.

Carroll’s case against Trump resulted in a jury awarding her $18.3 million in compensatory damages and $65 million in punitive retribution. The compensatory damages included $11 million for a reputational repair campaign and $7.3 million for the emotional harm caused by Trump’s statements against her in 2019.

Speaking alongside her lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, Carroll expressed her elation following Friday’s victory. She described the feeling as overwhelming, stating, “It filled me up… It was almost painful.” When asked how she plans to use the awarded funds, Carroll stated that she wants to give the money to causes that Trump despises. She suggested a potential donation to a fund supporting women who have been sexually assaulted by Trump.

In response to the verdict, Trump took to his Truth Social platform, denouncing the decision as “absolutely ridiculous” and announcing his plan to file an appeal. He claimed that the legal system is being politicized, arguing that “THIS IS NOT AMERICA!”

Meanwhile, Carroll’s attorney, Kaplan, expressed confidence in their ability to collect the awarded amount. Although she acknowledged that it may not happen immediately, she emphasized that Trump owns substantial real estate that can be sold to fulfill the judgment.

Prior to the trial, Carroll revealed her anxiety and lack of sleep or appetite due to the anticipation of facing the former president. However, upon actually seeing Trump in court, Carroll compared him to “an emperor without clothes” and described her initial terror as unfounded.

This recent trial is separate from a previous one in which Carroll was awarded $5 million for sexual abuse by Trump and defamatory remarks made against her. Although the trial proceeded without significant theatrics, Trump caused a stir when he walked out during Kaplan’s closing statement. Kaplan remarked that the exit may have inadvertently contributed to Carroll’s success, adding, “The idea in a case where our basic thesis is that he’s a bully who can’t follow the rules, to act like a bully who doesn’t follow the rules? An interesting strategy, let me put it that way.”

Kaplan concluded by stating that they would bring another case against Trump if he defames Carroll again, warning that it would result in further financial consequences for the former president.