Designer of Jake Browning’s Girlfriend’s Viral Bodysuit Overwhelmed by Demand

Cincinnati, OH – The designer behind the viral bodysuit worn by Jake Browning’s girlfriend at a Bengals game is experiencing a surge in business. Stephanie Niles, the girlfriend of the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, caught the attention of fans and social media when she sported the all-white outfit at Paycor Stadium. Taylor Damron of Elle and B Creative, Niles’ cousin and the designer of the bodysuit, revealed that she has been inundated with requests for similar pieces since the outfit’s appearance. Damron admitted that the demand for the bodysuits has been overwhelming.

The popularity of the bodysuit has extended beyond just gamegoers. Socialites and fashion enthusiasts have also expressed interest in the unique look. The success of the bodysuit has surprised both Niles and Damron, who said they never expected it to go viral. Each bodysuit takes approximately an hour to make, but Damron is hoping that one day Taylor Swift will become a customer. She even joked about reaching out to the singer through direct messages on social media.

For fans who want to get their hands on one of the coveted bodysuits, Damron announced that she will be releasing more Bengals versions on her Instagram page this weekend.

In conclusion, the bodysuit worn by Jake Browning’s girlfriend at the Bengals game has gained significant attention, leading to a surge in business for Stephanie Niles’ clothing designer cousin, Taylor Damron. The all-white outfit has become a hit among gamegoers, socialites, and fashion enthusiasts alike, prompting numerous requests for similar pieces. Damron is excited about the unexpected success and hopes to attract even more customers, perhaps even including Taylor Swift. Those interested in purchasing the bodysuit can stay tuned for upcoming releases on Damron’s Instagram page.