Dodgers Sign Outfielder Teoscar Hernandez to $23.5MM Deal, Bolstering Powerful Lineup

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Dodgers have reached a one-year, $23.5 million agreement with outfielder Teoscar Hernandez, sources confirmed. Hernandez will receive $15 million in salary this year, with the remaining amount deferred and paid out over the span of 2030-2039. The signing was first reported by journalist Moises Fabian via Twitter. Hernandez, who is represented by Republik Sports, brings a much-needed right-handed bat to the Dodgers lineup.

Rumors of the Dodgers’ interest in Hernandez began circulating in November, and the team’s pursuit of him remained strong until the agreement was reached. Hernandez, a former All-Star and Silver Slugger, has hit 147 home runs since 2018, solidifying himself as a power hitter.

After being traded to the Seattle Mariners last season, Hernandez’s numbers declined, possibly due to the challenging playing conditions at T-Mobile Park. However, a move to hitter-friendly Dodger Stadium could help him regain his offensive prowess. This one-year deal provides Hernandez with an opportunity to prove himself before potentially signing a longer-term contract.

By joining the Dodgers, the outfielder joins an already stacked lineup that includes Shohei Ohtani and a collection of powerful hitters. Hernandez’s presence adds depth and firepower to a team that scored plenty of runs during their 100-win 2023 campaign.

Though Hernandez is expected to primarily play left field, he has the versatility to move to right field against left-handed pitchers. This would allow Jason Heyward to move to the bench, further strengthening the Dodgers’ lineup against left-handed pitching.

The Dodgers’ offensive attack has been known for its power, with several players having high strikeout rates. While Hernandez also struggles with strikeouts, his ability to make contact is outweighed by his potential to contribute to the team’s offensive production.

Teoscar Hernandez’s acquisition is a significant addition to the Dodgers’ roster, solidifying their depth in the outfield and adding more right-handed power to an already potent lineup. The Dodgers hope that Hernandez can make a strong impact in the upcoming season as they pursue a World Series championship.