Donald Trump’s Bizarre Rally Claim Leaves Seth Meyers Speechless

DES MOINES, Iowa – Donald Trump’s recent rally claim has left Seth Meyers momentarily speechless. During a campaign event in Iowa, the Republican 2024 front-runner shared an intriguing anecdote about people approaching him and asking, “Sir, how do you do it? How do you wake up every morning and put on your pants?” Trump hinted that the question stemmed from concerns about his legal troubles and how he manages them.

Late Night comedian Seth Meyers was taken aback by the revelation. Expressing his astonishment, Meyers sarcastically exclaimed, “So, let me get this straight. People come up to you, Donald Trump, the former president and current four-time criminal defendant, and their burning question for you is how you put on your pants?”

Meyers seized the opportunity to poke fun at Trump’s recent false claim about magnets and even aired a compilation of Trump’s verbal blunders. While acknowledging that President Biden also stumbles on occasions, Meyers delivered some unfortunate news to those who support Trump solely for his flawless speech, presenting the montage as evidence.

In conclusion, during a recent rally in Iowa, Donald Trump shared an amusing encounter with supporters who apparently admire his ability to face each day and put on his pants amid mounting legal battles. Seth Meyers, in response, humorously criticized Trump’s claim and took the opportunity to highlight the former president’s own gaffes.