Draymond Green Returns to Practice After Suspension, Warriors Hope for Positive Change

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr welcomed Draymond Green back to practice from his indefinite suspension, while teammate Brandin Podziemski showed his support with applause.

Green, however, didn’t believe he deserved the applause. In a news conference on Tuesday, he acknowledged the impact his actions have had on his team and the organization. The suspension was a result of Green striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic on December 12. As part of the requirements set by the NBA, Green underwent counseling for three and a half weeks.

During therapy, Green focused on understanding the root causes of his aggressive behavior on the court. He emphasized the importance of genuine self-reflection to address the underlying issues. The therapy sessions also allowed him the space to gather and recenter himself.

For the first 10 days of his suspension, Green refrained from any basketball activities. It wasn’t until later that he felt ready to resume workouts, which he found therapeutic in its own right.

Contrary to popular belief, Green emphasized that his self-reflection was not a result of the league’s intervention, but rather a personal decision fueled by the dedicated time he had to confront his behavior.

The suspension marked the latest in a series of disciplinary actions for Green. In the past, he faced suspensions for incidents involving players such as Rudy Gobert, Domantas Sabonis, and Jordan Poole.

The Warriors organization hopes that this suspension will lead to a positive change in Green’s behavior. Coach Kerr stressed the need for awareness and accountability moving forward, discouraging any explanations following an apology.

While Green returned to practice and will participate fully for the rest of the week, there is no set date for his return to gameplay. His teammates and the team’s performance staff will play a crucial role in determining his readiness.

As Green awaits clearance to play, all eyes will be on his interactions with opponents and referees. Known for his fiery demeanor on the court, there is a question of whether he can strike a balance between his energy and avoiding trouble.

Green expressed confidence in being able to remove the controversial aspects of his game without changing who he is. He understands that addressing his “antics” is essential and is committed to doing so.

In conclusion, Draymond Green’s return to the Golden State Warriors following his suspension brings a mix of anticipation and skepticism. The team and its head coach, Steve Kerr, hope that Green’s time away and therapy will result in a positive change. As for Green, he is determined to remove the “antics” from his game and contribute to the team’s success once he returns.

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