Drea de Matteo’s Iconic Style Shines as ‘Mob Wife’ Fashion Takes Over Hollywood

LOS ANGELES – As the iconic television series “The Sopranos” celebrates its 25th anniversary, the show’s beloved star Drea de Matteo finds herself at the center of Hollywood’s fashion trend. The “Mob Wife Aesthetic” has taken the industry by storm, captivating young stars like Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

De Matteo, who portrayed Adriana La Cerva on the show, became an unwitting fashion icon after having spent time in Switzerland. She revealed that her DMs and text messages were blowing up as every publication wanted her opinion on mob wife fashion. De Matteo’s character on the show showcased a variety of iconic looks, some of which she considered selling off before the trend took off.

While most of her “Sopranos” memorabilia was lost in a 2015 fire, De Matteo managed to salvage the clothes she wore on the show. She has items like the tiger print cat suit she died in, as well as the provocative lingerie and infamous snakeskin pants. The actress even sold some of her character’s underwear on OnlyFans.

De Matteo joined OnlyFans last year in an effort to make money after her film and TV career took a hit due to her refusal to get vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has found some financial stability through the platform, despite being shunned by the industry.

While De Matteo’s style off-screen leans toward a tomboy look, she is launching a new streetwear line called ULTRAFREE. The line draws inspiration from ’80s fashion and aims to make freedom cool again. De Matteo collaborated with her partner, Robbie Stabler, the drummer of the band All Them Witches, to create the collection.

As De Matteo navigates the fashion world and her newfound success on OnlyFans, she remains proud of her convictions, despite the challenges she has faced. The cat suit and other iconic outfits from “The Sopranos” still hang in her closet, a reminder of her enduring impact on popular culture.