Drug Epidemic Crisis: Harris Enlists Kate’s Help to Uncover Inside Information

SALEM, USA – Harris approaches Roman and Kate in the Square, seeking information about the drug trafficking problem in Salem. He informs them that somebody is trafficking drugs in Statesville and he believes Lucas might be able to help. Kate is concerned for her son’s safety and refuses to put him in danger.

Meanwhile, in The Spectator newsroom, Chad congratulates Everett on his drug story and mentions an upcoming meeting with Mayor Price. Chad also reveals that he saw Stephanie and Everett sharing a passionate kiss on New Year’s Eve, suggesting that their relationship may be more than just friendship.

Harris takes the opportunity to speak with Roman privately and suggests that if he can get Lucas released from prison, Kate might reconsider allowing him to help. Roman explains that Lucas is currently in prison for kidnapping his daughter and that he is conflicted about his release. However, he agrees to support Kate’s decision if she changes her mind.

In the squad room, Rafe discusses Tate’s attack in jail with Brady, Theresa, and Alex. Rafe takes responsibility for the incident and assures them that Tate has been moved to a new cell with security cameras to ensure his safety. Alex expresses frustration and suggests finding a lawyer who can be more aggressive in their approach.

Paulina, the mayor of Salem, coughs and chokes while trying to eat soup in her office. Chad and Everett express concern and later discuss the missed call from University Hospital on Paulina’s phone. They wonder if there might be something more going on with her health.

Kate returns to Harris and Roman in the Square and learns that Lucas could potentially be released from prison. After a conversation with Roman, Kate agrees to accompany Harris to Statesville to investigate further.

In the squad room, Brady insists on having a lawyer he can trust for Tate’s case. Justin returns and declares that he will remain as lead attorney, asserting his position as Tate’s father. Alex is asked to leave, and Brady and Theresa make it clear that they will be making the decisions regarding Tate’s case.

In the end, Harris and Roman find a potential lead in their investigation, Kate agrees to take a risk with Lucas’ involvement, and Brady and Theresa reaffirm their role as Tate’s parents in determining his legal representation.

Lucas gets a surprise visitor in the next episode of Days of Our Lives, and EJ and Nicole are at odds over Eric.

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