Ducks’ Cutter Gauthier Opens Up About Controversial Trade Amidst Social Media Attacks

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Players often face criticism when they are traded, but Cutter Gauthier, the 19-year-old former prospect of the Philadelphia Flyers, has been subjected to particularly harsh attacks on his character since his trade to the Anaheim Ducks. Gauthier spoke out on Wednesday about the deal that sent him to the Ducks in exchange for defenseman Jamie Drysdale and a draft pick.

The backlash against Gauthier stemmed from reports of his strained relationship with the Flyers. In fact, he received death threats on social media following the trade. When asked why he didn’t want to play for the Flyers, Gauthier declined to provide specific details. He cited the need to keep the matter private and stated that he might reveal more in the future.

In the past two days since the trade, Gauthier admitted feeling overwhelmed and revealed the disturbing nature of the messages he’s received. Although he acknowledged the inevitability of people forming their own opinions, he stressed that the rumors spreading about the situation were untrue.

Despite the negative attention, Gauthier has found support from others. He acknowledged that it’s been difficult to avoid social media and the false statements being made, but he appreciated the outreach he received from people in his circle of friends.

Gauthier also addressed rumors suggesting he didn’t want to play for Flyers coach John Tortorella, stating that those claims were false. He clarified that he had a positive interaction with Tortorella during a developmental camp two years ago.

Gauthier rejected the notion that former Flyers player Kevin Hayes had influenced his decision to seek a trade. He called the suggestion disrespectful and clarified that Hayes had no involvement in the matter.

The Ducks made the trade with the belief that Gauthier would sign with them after completing his sophomore season with Boston College. Gauthier’s NHL debut may come sooner if the Eagles reach the NCAA title game, as the Ducks’ season finale is just five days after the championship. Gauthier has already been in contact with Ducks forwards Troy Terry and Leo Carlsson.

While Gauthier won’t get to play his first game in Philadelphia right away, he eagerly awaits the opportunity. He expects the atmosphere at the Wells Fargo Center to be chaotic when he finally steps on the ice in front of the Flyers’ fans.

In conclusion, Cutter Gauthier faced intense scrutiny following his trade to the Anaheim Ducks from the Philadelphia Flyers. He dealt with death threats and false rumors about his motivations for leaving the Flyers. Gauthier emphasized the need for privacy and expressed excitement about joining the Ducks after his college season ends.