Emotional Reunion: Bigg Boss 17 Welcomes Contestants’ Families for a Heartwarming Week

MUMBAI, India – Bigg Boss 17 is gearing up for an emotional week as family members of the contestants enter the house. This season, like previous ones, will see the families of the contestants staying inside the house with them. The first set of family members to enter the BB 17 house are Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mothers. Promos featuring Ankita’s mom entering the house have already been circulating on social media. However, it has come to light that Ankita’s mother-in-law (Vicky’s mom) has also joined the contestants.

Sources close to Bigg Boss 17 revealed that Ankita was initially fearful when Vicky Jain’s mother entered the house, given the couple’s constant fights. However, she was pleasantly surprised when her mother-in-law showered her with love and care instead of scolding her. Ankita was touched when her mother-in-law pampered her and advised her not to worry about things.

Vicky’s mother stole the show with her heartfelt shayaris. She dedicated a shayari to Bigg Boss and went on to recite ones for other housemates. Meanwhile, Ankita couldn’t contain her emotions upon seeing her own mother and broke down into tears. Both Ankita and Vicky’s mothers were warmly greeted by the contestants, who showed them love and respect.

In addition to Ankita and Vicky’s moms, Arun’s wife will also be entering the house to meet her husband. Stay tuned for more updates from Bigg Boss 17.

To summarize, Bigg Boss 17 will witness an emotional week as the families of the contestants finally reunite. Ankita and Vicky’s mothers have already entered the house, providing moments of joy and tenderness. With Arun’s wife set to join them, the BB 17 house will continue to be a haven for family connections amidst the intense competition.