Empowering Connections: A Fascinating Exploration of Psychic Readings in New Documentary ‘Look Into My Eyes’

New York City, New York – Lana Wilson, a documentary filmmaker, found inspiration for her latest project after visiting a psychic in 2016. Wilson had previously made films about patient-healer relationships and was intrigued by the idea of exploring the world of psychics. Her resulting documentary, titled “Look Into My Eyes,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and follows several psychics in New York City as they give readings to new clients.

Wilson began working on the film during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, recruiting psychics through a combination of online research and in-person encounters. She sought psychics who went beyond simple generalities and had a genuine ability to connect with their clients. The chosen psychics were then paired with willing participants, creating intimate exchanges between strangers.

The documentary captures the sessions in a vérité format, with Wilson and her crew remaining unobtrusive. Through the film, Wilson seeks to embrace both skepticism and reverence towards the psychic industry. Some readings are stunningly accurate, while others verge on the bogus. Regardless, Wilson finds the connections between psychics and their clients to be profound and meaningful.

Throughout the film, Wilson highlights the human side of the psychics, showcasing their earnest attempts to connect with something beyond themselves. She emphasizes that psychic readings, like religion or art, serve as ways for individuals to process their lives and the world around them.

In “Look Into My Eyes,” the psychics come from diverse backgrounds, including licensed counselors and individuals with performance experience. Wilson’s intention was not to prove or disprove their legitimacy but to capture the exchanges that occur between the psychics and their clients.

The documentary culminates in a gathering of the featured psychics for a “message circle,” where they perform readings for one another. This group of like-minded specialists form a community that transcends their individual practices. Wilson finds a commonality with the participants, as she too has turned to movies, books, and art to make sense of the world.

Through “Look Into My Eyes,” Lana Wilson invites viewers to engage with the authenticity and meaning found within psychic readings. While acknowledging the potential skepticism surrounding the industry, she challenges audiences to consider the real and profound experiences that occur within this realm.