Eric Bana’s Candid Response: Will He Reprise Hulk Role in Multiverse Adventure?

Los Angeles, California- Eric Bana, known for his portrayal of the Hulk in the 2003 film adaptation, addressed the possibility of returning to the role in a potential multiverse story. Bana, who played the iconic Marvel character before Mark Ruffalo took on the role, discussed his thoughts during a recent interview. The actor expressed openness to reprising his role as the green superhero in a multiverse project, fueling excitement among fans.

Speaking about the potential opportunity to return as the Hulk, Bana acknowledged the appeal of exploring different dimensions and storylines within the Marvel universe. While Bana’s portrayal of the character was well-received by audiences, his version of the Hulk exists in a separate cinematic universe from the current Marvel films. However, with the concept of the multiverse becoming more prominent in Marvel’s storytelling, the actor believes there is potential for his iteration of the Hulk to make a comeback.

Bana’s comments come at a time when Marvel Studios is delving deeper into the idea of multiverses, evident in the upcoming film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” By introducing alternate realities and versions of characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe opens up a world of creative possibilities. With this in mind, Bana expressed his willingness to participate in such a project, suggesting that the multiverse could provide a chance for his portrayal of the Hulk to be revisited.

While fans may be eager to see Bana return to the role, it is important to note that there are currently no official plans for him to do so. The decision ultimately rests with Marvel Studios and the direction they choose for future projects. Nevertheless, Bana’s openness to the idea hints at the potential for a multiverse story that could bring together various iterations of the Hulk, providing an exciting prospect for Marvel fans.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand and explore new narratives, the concept of the multiverse offers a wealth of opportunities for beloved characters to return or be reimagined. The popularity of alternate realities and different versions of characters has been well-received in other media, and it is no surprise that Marvel is considering utilizing this storytelling device in their upcoming projects.

In the meantime, fans can anticipate future announcements from Marvel Studios regarding their plans for the Hulk and potential multiverse storylines. Whether or not Eric Bana will reprise his role as the Hulk remains uncertain, but his enthusiasm for the possibility adds to the growing anticipation for the multiverse’s exploration within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.