Erin Moriarty Quits Instagram Following Megyn Kelly’s Accusations of Plastic Surgery

Los Angeles, California – “The Boys” star Erin Moriarty has announced that she will be leaving Instagram following accusations made by Megyn Kelly regarding plastic surgery. Moriarty expressed her shock and addressed the situation in a lengthy post on the social media platform. She described the accusations as “disgustingly false” and “ironically misogynistic.” This decision to leave Instagram comes after Kelly aired a segment criticizing plastic surgery, using Moriarty as an example of someone with an “addiction” to cosmetic procedures. Moriarty has been appalled by the reactions to Kelly’s video, considering them a form of harassment.

In her Instagram post, Moriarty emphasized that she is “horrified” by the reactions and called them a “primary example” of harassment that has “broken [her] heart.” Social media has been an important platform for Moriarty to connect with her fans, share updates, and promote brands she believes in. However, she has chosen to redirect her energy towards her work. The actress firmly stated that she will not accept the “horrific allegations, the verbal abuse,” and the false information that has been perpetuated.

Moriarty’s decision to leave Instagram reflects the negative impact cyberbullying can have on individuals, especially those in the public eye. It highlights the emotional toll that false accusations and harassment can take on someone’s mental well-being. By sharing her experience, Moriarty sheds light on the dangers of online bullying and encourages others to stand against it.

Social media platforms like Instagram provide opportunities for celebrities to engage with their fans and promote their work. However, the constant scrutiny and criticism can have detrimental effects on their mental health. Moriarty’s decision to leave Instagram serves as a reminder that actors and actresses are not immune to the damaging effects of cyberbullying.

It is important for social media platforms to address this issue and provide better mechanisms to combat cyberbullying. This includes implementing stricter policies and taking immediate action against any form of harassment. The well-being of users, especially those in the public eye, should be a top priority.

Erin Moriarty’s departure from Instagram is a clear statement against cyberbullying and serves as an important reminder about the importance of empathy, kindness, and respect within the digital realm.