Exclusive: Megastar Chiranjeevi Joins Daughter Sushmita for Dream Collaboration Film

Megastar Chiranjeevi from the Indian film industry has granted his daughter Sushmita’s longstanding wish to collaborate with him on a new movie. Writer and director BVS Ravi has presented a story to Chiranjeevi, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. The search for a suitable director has taken several years, initially considering Kalyan Krishna, who is currently involved in personal matters.

Reports suggest that People’s Media Company has come forward to produce the film. They have supposedly offered to cover the entire funding while taking a 50% share of the profits. Additionally, Sushmita will be entrusted with production responsibilities, and an agreement has been reached on these terms. Renowned filmmaker Harish Shankar has been assigned the directorial role for the project.

It is expected that People’s Media will pursue this project once they fulfill their current commitment with the Eagle film. Another movie based on Ustad Bhagat Singh is also pending under this production banner. Further details about the new collaboration are yet to be shared with the public.

This development in the Indian film industry has generated excitement among fans, as Megastar Chiranjeevi’s collaboration with his daughter marks a special moment. Sushmita, who has likely aspired to work alongside her father for a long time, will now have the opportunity to contribute to the production of this film. The involvement of People’s Media Company, coupled with the expertise of director Harish Shankar, adds to the anticipation surrounding the project.

As details regarding the movie are not yet disclosed, fans and industry insiders eagerly await further announcements regarding the storyline, casting, and production timeline. The partnership between Chiranjeevi and Sushmita not only signifies a personal milestone but also sets the stage for their professional collaboration. This upcoming film holds the promise of a unique cinematic experience brought to life by the collective talent involved.

In conclusion, Megastar Chiranjeevi has accepted the offer to work on a new film, allowing his daughter Sushmita to fulfill her dream of collaborating with him. With People’s Media Company backing the project and Harish Shankar as the director, this collaboration holds immense potential. As fans and audiences look forward to learning more about this exciting venture, the anticipation grows for the unveiling of further details and the eventual release of the film.