Exclusive: Pat McAfee Reconciles with Aaron Rodgers, Welcomes Him Back for Explosive Interview on Bill Belichick

Green Bay, Wisconsin – After publicly announcing that Aaron Rodgers would no longer be appearing on his show this NFL season, Pat McAfee had a change of heart. On the recent episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the host welcomed the New York Jets quarterback onto the program to discuss his connection with Bill Belichick following the news of the coach’s departure from the New England Patriots.

McAfee introduced Rodgers as a four-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion, emphasizing his high level of expertise. Rodgers acknowledged that he was taking some time off in nature, enjoying his offseason activities as the regular NFL season had concluded on Sunday night.

Just a day earlier, McAfee had declared that the weekly segment of “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday” would be discontinued for the season, expressing his own contentment and suggesting that many others would feel the same. The decision came in the wake of controversy sparked by Rodgers implying that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel would be implicated in sealed documents related to accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Addressing the backlash in their previous episode, McAfee admitted that they had provided ammunition for critics, causing them to make noise. However, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Rodgers, acknowledging that some of the quarterback’s views might upset people. McAfee also expressed relief that the weekly segment would no longer be a fixture of his life.

Reflecting on the situation, McAfee mentioned the criticism they received and clarified that he had been caught in the middle of the controversy, not willingly turning his back on Rodgers. He explained that during the football season, Rodgers would appear on the show every Tuesday, but during the offseason, he would take a break from the limelight.

Interestingly, even after the conclusion of the 2022 regular season and the Super Bowl, Rodgers continued to make appearances on “The Pat McAfee Show.” The quarterback’s participation on the program extended both before and after the big game.

In summary, Pat McAfee had initially announced Aaron Rodgers would no longer be featured on his show, but the quarterback made a return appearance to discuss his relationship with Bill Belichick. McAfee acknowledged the controversy surrounding Rodgers and emphasized his gratitude for the opportunity to learn from him. Despite the initial decision, Rodgers continued to make appearances on the show beyond the NFL season.