Exclusive: Sam Worthington Announces ‘Avatar’ Films Returning to Production in February

LOS ANGELES – Sam Worthington, star of the Netflix heist thriller “Lift,” revealed in an interview with People magazine that the cast of James Cameron’s “Avatar” films will begin production again in February. While Cameron is currently focused on post-production for “Avatar 3,” which has a scheduled release date of December 2025, he has already filmed all the live-action scenes for “Avatar 4” that occur before a time jump in the story. However, the remaining portions of the fourth film still need to be captured.

Worthington expressed excitement about the upcoming “Avatar” films, describing them as even bigger than anticipated. He hinted at the magnitude of the project, but did not provide specific details about his return to Cameron’s studio next month.

Cameron has been diligently working on “Avatar 3” since before the release of the second movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which earned an impressive $2.3 billion worldwide. To ensure age continuity among the characters, he worked on both “Avatar 3” and chunks of “Avatar 4” simultaneously with “The Way of Water.” The fourth film will pick up after a six-year time jump.

As the filming of “Avatar 4” is scheduled to take place following the release of “Avatar 3,” it is likely that Worthington and the rest of the cast will return to the studio for post-production needs, such as ADR dialogue replacement.

Cameron’s ambitious plan includes shooting the remaining parts of “Avatar 4” and the entirety of “Avatar 5.” The release of “Avatar 3” has been delayed to December 2025, while “Avatar 4” is set for December 2029, and “Avatar 5” for December 2031. This final installment will premiere 22 years after the original blockbuster hit theaters in 2009.

In a previous interview with GQ magazine, Cameron emphasized his focus on expanding the story of “Avatar” across multiple films to prioritize character development alongside technological advancements. He promised greater character depth in “Avatar 3,” introducing new cultures and creatures that will continue to evolve throughout the saga.

While not much is known about “Avatar 3,” including its official title, Cameron has hinted at the introduction of an antagonistic race of Na’vi. According to franchise producer Jon Landau, “Avatar 3” will showcase the Ash People, described as an aggressive and volcanic Na’vi race, with Oona Chaplin portraying their leader, Varang.

As the cast gears up to return to production, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the “Avatar” saga, expecting more groundbreaking visuals and an epic journey with the characters.