Exclusive: Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Left with Nothing from Late Mother’s Estate

PAROWAN, UTAH – Meri Brown, star of the reality TV show “SISTER Wives,” has been left without any inheritance from her late mother’s estate, according to exclusive information obtained by The U.S. Sun. The unexpected death of Meri’s mother, Bonnie Joyce Barber, occurred on March 26, 2021, at the age of 76. Bonnie is survived by her children: Meri, Adam Barber, Elaine Jenson, Rebekah Dilts, and Deborah Bronson. Tragically, both Adam and another son, Marc William Barber, have passed away in recent years.

Meri, who filed a petition for determination of heirs and appointment of a personal representative after learning that her mother did not have a will, estimated the value of the estate to be $50,000. However, after examining the assets and liabilities, it was determined that the estate was insolvent. The total value of the assets, including Bonnie’s checking and savings accounts and the value of her car, was $17,685.72. However, the debts and liabilities exceeded this amount, totaling $21,644.58. These included a car loan, funeral and burial expenses, and a probate court filing fee.

The court ruling stated that Meri Brown, acting as the personal representative, has confirmed the estate’s insolvency. Abbey Farnsworth, a Utah-based lawyer specializing in estate planning and probate, explained that Meri’s appointment as the personal representative does not entitle her to any portion of the estate. Instead, it requires her to take responsibility for settling and distributing the estate to the heirs according to the laws of intestate succession.

While Meri has not received any inheritance from her mother’s estate, she appears to be financially stable due to her various ventures. In addition to her role on “SISTER Wives,” Meri works as an ambassador and seller for the clothing brand LuLaRoe since 2016. She also owns and operates Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah. Meri separated from her ex-husband Kody Brown and became estranged from her sister wives Robyn, Janelle, and Christine Brown, officially relocating to Utah last year. She recently filed paperwork for a new business, Meri Brown Communications LLC, indicating that she is taking an active role in leveling up her life and business.

Meri’s focus is now on her relationship with her boyfriend, Amos Andrews. Despite his previous money issues, Meri seems determined to move forward in her personal and professional life. While the loss of her mother’s inheritance may be disappointing, it is clear that Meri is resilient and ambitious in pursuing her own success.