Exit Polls Reveal Education Breakdown of Voters in Presidential Primary

In New York City, exit polls were conducted during the presidential primary to gather insights about voter demographics and opinions. These polls aimed to determine various factors such as age range, education level, and political affiliations of the voters.

Among the questions asked, one focused on the age group of the voters. This would provide useful information to analyze trends and preferences within different generations.

Another question delved into the educational background of the voters. It sought to categorize individuals based on their level of education, including those who had never attended college, those who attended college but did not receive a degree, those with associate’s degrees, those with bachelor’s degrees, and those with advanced degrees.

The exit polls further explored the last grade of school completed by the voters. This sheds light on the education levels of individuals and how it may impact their voting decisions.

Additionally, the exit polls touched upon education by race, aiming to understand the educational disparities among different racial groups. The polls provided percentages for white college graduates, white non-college graduates, non-white college graduates, and non-white non-college graduates.

The exit polls also addressed other topics, such as the respondents’ family income, religious service attendance, marital status, and whether they had children under 18 living in their homes. These questions aimed to capture a broader understanding of the voters’ backgrounds and personal circumstances.

Furthermore, the polls inquired about the voters’ satisfaction with the current state of the country, their perception of the nation’s economy, and their views on immigration and abortion. These questions highlighted the voters’ sentiments on key issues that may have influenced their presidential primary vote.

It is important to note that these exit polls provide valuable insights into the demographic and attitudinal aspects of the voting population in New York City. The data collected can contribute to a better understanding of the factors that drive voter choices and preferences.

Disclaimer: The above information is based on exit polls conducted during the New York City presidential primary. The results are subject to statistical margins of error and may not be fully representative of the entire voting population.