Expensive-Looking but Lackluster: Apple TV+ Series, ‘Criminal Record,’ Fails to Deliver on its Promise

London, England – Apple TV+ has recently released a new thriller series titled “Criminal Record”. Starring Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi, the show centers around a pair of rival cops and their battle of wills as they investigate a murder case from 2011. While the series has its merits, critics argue that it prioritizes themes over character development, resulting in a lack of payoff for viewers.

The basic premise of the show initially grabs the audience’s attention, with Jumbo’s character, June Lenker, receiving a tip about an unsolved murder. However, as the series progresses over eight hours, it begins to suffer from a lack of pacing and depth. Creator Paul Rutman focuses more on addressing issues such as misogyny, racism, and police corruption, but fails to fully develop the characters beyond their intended representation.

Visually, “Criminal Record” boasts an expensive production with its crisp cinematography and detailed set designs. The performances by Jumbo and Capaldi also receive praise, with their subtle expressions and nuanced acting adding depth to their respective characters. The tension between them is built through clever cross-cutting, heightening the intrigue.

Despite its strong start, the series falls short when it comes to giving the characters depth and making their emotional journeys impactful. Secondary characters, such as June’s romantic partner and the lawyer representing the accused, are underdeveloped and add little to the overall narrative. This lack of characterization extends to the central players as well, leaving viewers wanting more.

The show’s exploration of the systemic challenges faced by cops like June and the favoritism towards officers like Hegarty is acknowledged but not expanded upon. The series seems content with making the point that the system is stacked against certain individuals without offering any concrete solutions or further analysis.

In the end, “Criminal Record” leaves viewers wanting more. Despite its potential, the show fails to fully deliver on its promises, leaving audiences with a sense of dissatisfaction. While Jumbo and Capaldi’s performances impress, the lack of character development and a slow-moving plot hinder the overall experience.

The new series “Criminal Record” on Apple TV+, starring Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi, offers glimpses of promise but ultimately falls short in delivering a satisfying narrative. The show’s prioritization of themes over character development and its slow pacing contribute to a lack of payoff for viewers. Despite its visually appealing production and strong performances, “Criminal Record” fails to fully engage audiences and address the deeper issues it seeks to explore.