Explosive Accusations: Is Thomas a Murderer? Xander Confronts Finn in Bold and the Beautiful

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – In a tense confrontation, Thomas challenges Finn in his office, expressing disbelief at being put on notice. He taunts Finn, emphasizing that he will never be with Hope as long as he is alive. Finn remains resolute, asserting that Hope deserves a trustworthy and dependable partner. Thomas contends that Hope trusts him, but Finn insists that she shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, in the showroom, Steffy is haunted by Finn’s previous question about her brother’s level of danger. She recalls her conversation with Finn, where she defended Thomas and urged him to drop his suspicions regarding Emma’s death. In response to her troubled thoughts, she sends a text message.

Over in the design office, Poppy and Luna discuss Poppy’s recent date with Bill Spencer. Poppy describes their encounter as lovely, reminiscing about their previous meeting at a music festival years ago. Luna agrees to accompany her mother to the Farmer’s Market and suggests bringing R.J. They make plans for dinner, but Luna is surprised when she receives an unexpected invitation for a salon dinner.

In the main office, R.J. seeks a conversation with Zende, who dismisses him, suggesting that he focus on important work with his father. However, R.J. insists that they can collaborate to complete Eric’s line. Zende, unimpressed, points out the differences in their roles and asserts that R.J. lacks the qualifications to contribute to a historical collection. The tension between the cousins escalates, with R.J. defending his privileged position as Ridge and Brooke’s son. Eventually, R.J. storms out, leaving Zende to bid him farewell.

Elsewhere, Xander reflects on his conversation with Finn about Thomas’s questionable actions. In Finn’s office, Thomas appeals to his brother-in-law, claiming that he has changed and that Hope needs no protection from him. He asserts that he and Hope are genuinely a couple and emphasizes his desire for a future relationship with her. Finn, skeptical, reminds Thomas of his past behavior and expresses his doubt in Thomas’s intentions. Thomas pleads with Finn not to let Xander’s accusations create a rift between them and between him and Hope. However, Finn firmly maintains that Hope has made the wrong decision in choosing Thomas.

In the design office, Luna eagerly anticipates an evening with R.J., assuming that she has received a dinner invitation from him. She seeks advice from Poppy on what to wear, and they choose an eye-catching hot pink outfit with long black gloves. Poppy encourages Luna to embrace her newfound happiness in her relationship.

The tension continues to escalate when Steffy enters the main office and encounters Thomas. He comments on her timely text message and reveals that Hope heard Xander’s accusations against him. Thomas expresses his belief in the potential happiness of a future between Hope and Douglas. He urges Steffy to speak with Finn and prevent him from interfering in their relationship.

In Finn’s office, Xander pays a visit to express his gratitude for Finn’s willingness to hear him out. Xander stresses that he is telling the truth, claiming that Thomas is dangerous and responsible for Emma’s death. Xander recounts Thomas’s desperate attempts to prevent Hope from discovering their child was alive, asserting that Thomas is capable of murder.

The article concludes with R.J. visiting Eric’s hospital room, only to discover that Eric is receiving tests downstairs and improving. The nurse commends R.J. for his regular visits, praising him as a wonderful grandson.

In summary, tensions run high as Finn confronts Thomas about his intentions towards Hope. Xander voices his concerns about Thomas’s dangerous nature to Finn. Meanwhile, R.J.’s attempt to collaborate with Zende in the design office ends in discord. Steffy is urged by Thomas to ensure Finn doesn’t interfere in their relationship. The article ends with R.J.’s visit to Eric’s hospital room.