Explosive Reveal: Former Bigg Boss Contestant’s Wife Slams Ankita Lokhande’s Mother-in-Law in Social Media Outburst

Mumbai, India – Former Bigg Boss 17 contestant Sunny Arya’s wife, Deepika Arya, recently voiced her disappointment on social media regarding an interaction between Ankita Lokhande and her mother-in-law. Deepika expressed her dismay at the way Vicky Jain’s mother spoke to Ankita, revealing details that could have been avoided.

In a video message, Deepika criticized the behavior of Vicky’s mother, stating, “It’s very shameful that a woman whose husband has passed away is being treated this way while she takes care of her daughter. A girl’s family puts up with everything from their daughter’s in-laws to ensure a good and fulfilling married life. Our parents have taught us to maintain happiness in our new homes. Even if we cry and return home, our parents assure us that everything is fine. People are playing with Ankita’s mental health. They can do whatever they want in their own marriages.”

Deepika further added, “Vicky’s mother is telling her, ‘When you kicked Vicky, his father immediately called your mother asking if you used to kick your husband like this?’ Aunty, are you not seeing what your son is doing? Your son is doing whatever he wants, and nobody is holding him accountable? Let your son do anything, they are doing it together. Their father is not here, and yet you set an example that a mother-in-law can never be a mother. He doesn’t have a father anymore, you should appreciate her on the show. Instead, you brought her down by saying that you have troubled her mother. Someone should stand up for her.”

During the episode, Ankita’s mother-in-law raised the issue of Ankita kicking Vicky and called her mother to inquire if she also kicks her husband in the same manner. Ankita, visibly upset, pleaded with her mother-in-law not to involve her parents, as her mother is widowed and she recently lost her father.

In conclusion, Deepika Arya expressed her disappointment in the way Ankita Lokhande was treated by her mother-in-law and criticized her behavior. This incident has brought attention to the importance of maintaining healthy relationships within marriage and respecting one another’s families.