Explosive Speculation: Will Kevin Costner’s John Dutton Face an Unbelievable Fate in ‘Yellowstone’ Finale?

CHEYENNE, Wyoming – As the final episodes of the popular neo-Western series “Yellowstone” approach, fans are eagerly speculating about the show’s ending. One burning question on their minds is whether Kevin Costner will return as John Dutton or if his character’s story has come to an end. A theory gaining traction online suggests that the show might bring back an old storyline involving John Dutton’s battle with colon cancer.

In the show’s first season, John Dutton’s cancer was a major plot point but was quickly resolved when it was revealed to be a ruptured ulcer in the second season. However, fans haven’t given it much thought since then. While some viewers find the idea of revisiting the cancer storyline incredibly stupid, others believe it could be a possible twist in the show’s grand finale.

The speculation around John Dutton’s fate in “Yellowstone” has been fueled by the show’s intense buildup towards a violent and chaotic ending. The central theme of the series revolves around the breaking point surrounding the ranch and the inevitable resolution through violence. Therefore, fans argue that getting rid of John Dutton with cancer seems like a lackluster and unsatisfying conclusion.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kevin Costner’s future involvement in the show, there are certainly more exciting ways to write off his character without actually featuring him on screen. Possibilities like a dramatic attack, assassination, or bombing are considered far more preferable to revisiting the colon cancer storyline. Novel and unexpected plot developments could provide the epic ending that fans deserve.

As the premiere of the final episodes draws nearer, fans eagerly await more information about the show’s conclusion. They hope for a satisfying, action-packed finale that does justice to the intense and chaotic nature of “Yellowstone.” However, at this point, it seems that controversial and unlikely theories are dominating the discussion among fans.

“Yellowstone” is scheduled to return in November, and viewers will anticipate getting more clarity as the premiere date approaches. It remains to be seen whether the show’s creators will provide an ending that meets fan expectations or if the theories will prove to be far-fetched.