Expose: Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang Determined to Unmask Noh Suk Min’s True Nature in ‘My Demon’

SEOUL, South Korea – The popular drama series “My Demon” has released new stills, giving fans a glimpse into the intense storyline. The fantasy rom-com follows the contract marriage between Do Do Hee, a demon-like chaebol heiress, and Gu Won, an actual demon who loses his powers unexpectedly.

In the previous episode, viewers were shocked by the sudden death of Noh Do Gyeong, which led to suspicion surrounding Noh Suk Min, who seemed more concerned about the company’s image than his own son’s death. The tension between Do Do Hee and Noh Suk Min is evident in the newly released stills, as Do Do Hee confronts him with determination and Noh Suk Min displays a murderous glare.

The images also show Kim Se Ra, who fears becoming Noh Suk Min’s next target, watching him closely. Additionally, a preview for the upcoming episode reveals that Noh Suk Min accuses Do Do Hee’s parents of being killed by Ju Cheon Suk, played by Kim Hae Sook. There is also a hint that Gu Won is somehow involved in the deaths of Do Do Hee’s parents.

The production team promises that the upcoming episode will showcase Noh Suk Min’s true nature as he strives to take control of the Mirae Group. Meanwhile, Gu Won will try to approach Kim Se Ra due to her suspicious behavior. Do Do Hee will face yet another crisis, with viewers eagerly anticipating whether she and Gu Won will be able to expose Noh Suk Min and launch a counterattack.

The next episode of “My Demon” is scheduled to air on January 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

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