Fans Applaud Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s Daughter, Aubree, for Stunning Hair Makeover

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Fans are praising Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer, daughter of reality star Chelsea Houska, for her new hair makeover. Chelsea took to Instagram to share a family outing at a bowling alley, where she showcased her four children gathered together.

In the adorable slideshow, Aubree, 14, was pictured sitting at a round table with her younger siblings Layne, Watson, and Walker. Aubree wore a black sweatshirt with white stripes and styled her dark red hair parted in the middle. Fans loved how Aubree’s hair resembled her mother’s iconic look during her Teen Mom days.

The post received an outpouring of positive comments. One fan commented on how Aubree had grown into her “mother’s red hair” while another loved that Aubree was rocking a similar hairstyle. The resemblance between Chelsea and Aubree was especially evident to fans.

This is not the only occasion where fans have remarked on Aubree’s maturity. In a previous Instagram post, Chelsea shared a picture of Aubree on her first day of eighth grade. Fans marveled at how much she had grown and how quickly time had passed.

Chelsea herself has experimented with her hair in the past. In 2021, she documented a hair transformation on TikTok, where she switched from her signature red to black. Fans seemed thrilled with the change, expressing their support and excitement.

Chelsea’s family outing and Aubree’s hair makeover have garnered attention and praise from fans. The Teen Mom star continues to share precious moments with her children, giving followers a glimpse into their lives.

In conclusion, fans are celebrating Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer’s new hair makeover, which bears a striking resemblance to her mother’s iconic Teen Mom look. Chelsea Houska shared the family outing on Instagram, where Aubree was spotted sitting alongside her siblings. This is not the first time fans have commented on Aubree’s growth and resemblance to her mother. Chelsea has also undergone hair transformations in the past, with her recent switch from red to black hair receiving positive feedback. The reality TV star and her family continue to make cherished memories, capturing the hearts of their fans.