Fardeen Khan Reacts to Zeenat Aman’s Revelations on Feroz Khan’s Pay Cut During Qurbani Shoot

MUMBAI, India – Veteran Indian actor Zeenat Aman recently took to Instagram to share a memorable incident from the past involving director Feroz Khan and her film “Qurbani.” Aman revealed that Khan had cut her pay on the set of the film. In response to Aman’s post, Khan’s son, Fardeen Khan, expressed his thoughts.

Fardeen Khan posted a message on Instagram Stories, addressing Aman as “aunty” and mentioning how even their family wasn’t spared from pay cuts, as they received a standard family discount of 25 percent. He further added that his father, Khan Saab, would have appreciated Aman’s post and found it amusing.

The incident that Aman recalled happened during the shooting of “Qurbani.” Aman shared a picture of herself and Feroz Khan, stating that although they had a rocky start, she eventually joined the cast of the film. Aman admitted to arriving one hour late on set one day, after attending a party the previous night. As a consequence, Khan reprimanded her and deducted her pay to compensate for the crew’s time.

“Qurbani,” released in 1980, was directed by Feroz Khan himself. The film starred Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, and Amjad Khan, among others. It depicted the story of two friends entangled in crime and deceit and examined themes of friendship, betrayal, and revenge.

In conclusion, Zeenat Aman reminisced about her experience working with Feroz Khan and shared the incident of her pay being cut on the set of “Qurbani.” The film, exploring complex themes and featuring a talented cast, was a commercial success at the time.