Feud Explained: Ed O’Neill Reveals TV Guide Cover Dispute as Cause of Strained Relationship with Amanda Bearse

Los Angeles, California – Actor Ed O’Neill has opened up about his years-long feud with his former co-star Amanda Bearse from the hit TV show “Married With Children.” During an appearance on a podcast hosted by his former “Modern Family” castmate Jesse Tyler Ferguson, O’Neill revealed that the rift between him and Bearse started over a dispute about a TV Guide cover.

According to O’Neill, Bearse and David Garrison, who played their neighbors on the show, were told that they could not be featured on the cover of TV Guide because there was a limit to the number of cast members allowed. O’Neill admitted that he did not come to Bearse’s defense when she was excluded, fearing that if he fought for her inclusion, the entire cast could lose the opportunity.

Reflecting on the situation, O’Neill expressed regret for not standing up for his friend. In a 2013 interview, he mentioned that he wasn’t sure what caused the falling out between him and Bearse, speculating that perhaps something about him reminded her of someone she didn’t like. Additionally, O’Neill suggested that Bearse’s personal transformation from being more feminine to becoming “more masculine” may have influenced their relationship negatively.

The tension between O’Neill and Bearse escalated when Bearse got married and didn’t invite O’Neill and David Faustino, another co-star, to the wedding. O’Neill recalled a heated argument where he accused Bearse of not being intelligent. He even admitted to saying that he had the power to have Bearse removed from the show, though he never intended to follow through with it.

Despite their feud, Bearse remains on good terms with the rest of the “Married With Children” cast, as evidenced by her attendance at Christina Applegate’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony in 2022.

The behind-the-scenes dynamics of popular television shows often remain hidden from the public eye. However, O’Neill’s candid revelations shed light on the complicated relationships that can develop among co-stars, even in a successful and long-running series like “Married With Children.”