Feud Exposed: ‘Married… with Children’ Star Ed O’Neill Regrets On-Set Drama with Co-Star Amanda Bearse

LONG BEACH, California — Veteran actor Ed O’Neill recently opened up about a longstanding feud with his former co-star Amanda Bearse on the hit TV show “Married… with Children.” In an interview on a podcast hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, O’Neill discussed the strained relationship between the two actors, which he now regrets. “We didn’t get along, and we did for a long time,” O’Neill revealed. The feud apparently began when the cast was denied an opportunity to all be featured on the cover of TV Guide.

As O’Neill explained, Bearse and David Garrison, who played Marcy D’Arcy and Steve Rhoades, were excluded from the cover because of a rule that limited the number of cast members allowed to be featured. However, O’Neill pointed out that exceptions had been made in the past for shows like “M*A*S*H” and “Dallas.” The “Married… with Children” cast was eventually granted the cover after six seasons, and Bearse and Garrison expressed their disappointment. O’Neill revealed that Bearse asked him to speak to the show’s co-creator, Ron Leavitt, in an attempt to rectify the situation.

In hindsight, O’Neill admitted that he could have handled the situation differently. Instead of refusing to advocate for Bearse and Garrison, he now believes he should have been more diplomatic. O’Neill regrets not being able to unite the cast and resolve the issue.

“Married… with Children” aired for 11 seasons and ended in 1997 after a total of 259 episodes. Despite rumors of a potential reboot or spinoff, nothing concrete has materialized. The show remains a beloved classic in television history.

It’s worth noting that a representative for Bearse has not yet responded to requests for comment on O’Neill’s recent revelations. The podcast interview shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of a popular TV show and provided fans with a new perspective on the Al Bundy and Marcy D’Arcy characters portrayed by O’Neill and Bearse, respectively.