Fierce Battle for Box Office Dominance: ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘The Beekeeper’ Tie for #1 Spot in Third Weekend

Los Angeles, California – The weekend box office is experiencing a severe downturn, with no major releases from studios due to strikes. This drop is expected to bring the overall theatrical marketplace to a new low, possibly lower than the previous record lows set in 2023 and 2022. Last weekend already saw a significant slump of 11% compared to the previous year, with a total of $67.2 million. This weekend is anticipated to plunge even further.

Surprisingly, the decline cannot be attributed to a winter storm or other weather-related factors. Instead, the battle for the number one spot is primarily between two films: Paramount’s “Mean Girls” and Amazon MGM Studio’s “The Beekeeper.” Both films are competing fiercely, with each earning $6.4 million in their third weekends. “The Beekeeper” had the upper hand earlier in the week, beating “Mean Girls” in daily grosses on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Despite the competition, both films are experiencing a decline in ticket sales. “Mean Girls,” shown in 3,544 theaters, is expected to see a 45% decrease from its second weekend, bringing its total revenue to $59.9 million. Similarly, the action movie featuring Jason Statham, playing in 3,337 venues, is projected to have a 26% drop in sales from its second weekend, resulting in a cumulative total of $41.2 million.

In third place is Warner Bros.’ “Wonka,” now in its seventh weekend. The film earned $5.8 million, marking a 14% decrease from the previous week. With a running total of $195 million, “Wonka” continues to draw audiences.

Illumination/Universal’s animated movie, “Migration,” which was pitted against “Wonka” over the holidays, is holding strong in fourth place. The film is on track to reach a domestic cumulative total of $101 million by the end of its sixth weekend, with a projected $4.9 million three-day weekend revenue.

Sony’s “Anyone But You” secured the fifth spot in its sixth weekend. The romantic-comedy starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell earned $4.8 million, taking its cumulative total to $71.1 million by Sunday.

Overall, the lack of new studio releases, combined with the ongoing strikes, has resulted in a significant decline in the box office. Moviegoers can expect this trend to continue until the strikes are resolved and major studios resume their regular release schedules.