Film Clash: Sankranthi Pre-Release Events Face Scheduling Dilemma

HYDERABAD, India — The competition among films during the Sankranthi race in India has taken an interesting turn, as the pre-release event dates are now becoming a battleground.

Originally scheduled for the 6th of this month, the pre-release function for the film ‘Guntur Kaaram’ had to be postponed as police permission was not granted. This unexpected hurdle disrupted the plans and caused a ripple effect on other films as well.

To avoid clashing with ‘Guntur Kaaram’, the function for the film ‘Hanu-Man’ was rescheduled for the 7th. This event, featuring Megastar Chiranjeevi as the chief guest, is set to take place in Hyderabad. Simultaneously, Venkatesh’s ‘Saindhav’ has planned its pre-release function on the same day in Visakhapatnam.

The challenge arises for fans who want to attend these events, as they are scheduled to happen simultaneously and are being broadcasted on TV and YouTube.

The Mahesh-Trivikram movie, being a highly anticipated release, naturally draws significant interest from viewers, causing media channels and YouTube to prioritize its coverage.

However, the rescheduling of ‘Guntur Kaaram’ to the 7th has limited options for that film, as it was initially planned for the 6th. Shifting it to the 8th is not viable, as it falls on a Monday, a non-holiday. Therefore, the only feasible option is to proceed with the function on the 7th, regardless of opinions.

Meanwhile, ‘Hanu-Man’ and ‘Saindhav’ have found a solution by celebrating their functions slightly earlier, ensuring they do not clash with the live coverage of ‘Guntur Kaaram’.

To anchor these events, the renowned Suma has been chosen for the ‘Hanu-Man’ pre-release function.

In this unique situation where the competition among films during the Sankranthi race has extended to the pre-release event dates, it is clear that all the films are vying for attention and viewership. It remains to be seen how this scheduling conflict will affect the success of these films.