Financial Splurge: NCT Fansite Dazzles with $7,376 Monthly Spending; Netizens Weigh In

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – K-pop fansites are at the forefront of capturing and cherishing the moments of their beloved idols. However, recent discussions among netizens have raised questions about the financial commitments these fansites make to sustain their activities.

Netizens in South Korea started discussing the financial investment made by various fansites after a screenshot went viral, revealing the expenses of an NCT fansite. The screenshot showed that the fansite spent approximately 9,697,000 KRW (about 7,376 USD) in December alone. The original poster also mentioned that the screenshot was taken in 2019 and speculated that the expenses have increased since then.

Fansites often bear the cost of travel expenses to accompany idols to events, concerts, and even international schedules. Additionally, they invest heavily in equipment to capture high-quality content. Netizens commented on the post, sharing their thoughts on the matter. Some expressed disbelief that fansites could afford such expenses without being able to profit from their activities, unlike paparazzi overseas.

The conversation also included fansites of other K-pop groups. One fansite of ENHYPEN admitted to spending over 100 million KRW in a year. Another netizen claimed to have spent 18 million KRW in a month supporting their favorite group. Some speculated that fansites either come from wealthy backgrounds or have high incomes to afford their spending. It was also suggested that Chinese fansites tend to be financially well-off.

The financial commitment of K-pop fansites continues to pique curiosity among netizens. The screenshot of an NCT fansite’s expenses has shed light on the substantial financial investments made by these dedicated fans.