Ford Recalls 1.9 Million Explorers Over Hazardous Trim Issue on Highways

Detroit, Michigan – Ford is recalling nearly 1.9 million Ford Explorers from model years 2011 to 2019 due to a safety issue involving the external trim. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that clips holding the trim around the front windshield may become loose, posing a risk to other drivers on the road. The potential hazard is attributed to “improper assembly or repair.” Although no injuries or deaths have been reported, the manufacturer is taking proactive measures to address the problem.

Initial concerns about the loose trim were raised in 2018, but at that time, it was considered a low-risk issue and did not warrant a recall. Ford closed an investigation into the matter in 2021. However, a recent U.S. investigation was initiated last year, alongside inquiries from Canadian regulators, prompting a revisiting of the issue. A timeline released by NHTSA provides further details.

As of January 12th, Ford had received more than 568 complaints and 14,377 warranty reports related to the loose trim problem, according to NHTSA. Recognizing the importance of ensuring customer safety, the car manufacturer is urging affected vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to a dealer for free replacements of the affected parts. The replacement parts will be installed with additional adhesive to prevent detachment.

To facilitate the recall process and offer more information, Ford has established a toll-free number (1-866-436-7332) for customers to contact. Alternatively, they can reach out to a local Ford or Lincoln dealer. It is crucial that owners follow these instructions to address the potential hazard promptly.

Ensuring the safety of their customers is a top priority for Ford. By conducting this recall, they demonstrate their commitment to rectifying any potential issues promptly and effectively. The company’s proactivity and willingness to take responsibility for the problem underscore their commitment to customer satisfaction. No one should have to worry about the safety of their vehicle while on the road, and Ford aims to address and resolve any safety concerns promptly.