French Education Minister Gabriel Attal Becomes Country’s Youngest-Ever and First Openly Gay Prime Minister

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed Gabriel Attal, the 34-year-old French education minister, as the country’s new prime minister. This historic appointment comes as Macron seeks to revive his government’s waning popularity. Attal’s selection marks a significant milestone, as he will become France’s youngest-ever prime minister and the first openly gay man to hold the position, making him one of the world’s most prominent LGBTQ politicians.

Attal, a rising star in Macron’s Renaissance Party, has been serving as the minister of education and national youth since July. During his time in office, he implemented a controversial ban on the wearing of the abaya in French public schools, and he has been actively working to raise awareness about bullying in schools.

Macron expressed his confidence in Attal’s abilities, stating, “I know I can count on your energy and commitment.” Attal, in turn, thanked Macron for his trust and promised to prioritize education, inflation, the liberalization of the French economy, and youth development.

As prime minister, Attal will be responsible for forming a new government and spearheading the implementation of legislation that aligns with Macron’s agenda. However, it should be noted that the French presidency holds the majority of power in the country.

Attal replaces Elisabeth Borne, who resigned after a challenging 20-month tenure marked by unpopular retirement reforms and urban riots in the summer of 2023. Attal praised Borne as “a PM of action and courage,” while Borne expressed pride in the accomplishments of her government during her time in office.

Macron’s decision to appoint Attal comes at a critical time, as his government’s popularity has declined, while the far-right has been gaining unprecedented support. Attal is seen as one of the more well-liked members of Macron’s government according to recent surveys.

In conclusion, Gabriel Attal’s appointment as France’s new prime minister represents a historic moment for the country. As Macron looks to revive his government’s popularity, Attal’s youth and LGBTQ identity bring a new level of prominence to French politics. The focus now turns to how Attal will navigate the challenges ahead and work towards tackling key issues such as education, the economy, and youth development.