From 50 Shades to the 40th Anniversary: Dakota Johnson Reflects on Memorable SNL Hosting Gig

New York City, NY – It has been almost ten years since Dakota Johnson first hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) in early 2015. In her opening monologue as host for the second time, the Madame Web star took a trip down memory lane and shared some of her most vivid recollections of her first SNL experience.

Johnson’s previous stint as an SNL host took place on February 28, 2015, shortly after the release of the film “50 Shades of Grey” and not long after the momentous SNL 40th anniversary celebration. She revealed that she had actually been in the audience for that special event and even shared a star-studded photo from the occasion.

In the photo, Johnson pointed out notable figures such as Sarah Palin, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. To her surprise, she noticed a smiling Donald Trump sitting right behind her, nearly two years before he would go on to win the 2016 presidential election. The actress expressed her astonishment at being in such close proximity to someone who would become the most powerful person in America. The camera then panned to reveal Taylor Swift sitting just a few inches in front of her, adding to the star-studded atmosphere.

While Johnson smoothly delivered her monologue, Justin Timberlake, a member of SNL’s esteemed Five-Timers Club, couldn’t resist joining her on stage after she introduced him as the musical guest. Playfully, she asked what he was doing up there and if he was lost. Timberlake sheepishly admitted that he had heard his name mentioned and thought it was his cue to come out. Johnson humorously reminded him that he was just the musical guest and slyly poked fun at his latest attempt at a pop music “comeback.”

However, Timberlake persisted, asserting that he had hosted SNL before and even gestured “five times” with his hands. Johnson shot back, noting that his last hosting gig had been a decade ago. The friendly banter continued as former SNL star Jimmy Fallon joined Timberlake and Johnson on stage in his Barry Gibb costume to wish Johnson luck.

After the monologue, Fallon and Timberlake delighted the audience by resurrecting “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” a recurring sketch they had performed together on previous occasions. For those few moments, Johnson took a backseat as the two veteran SNL performers stole the spotlight.

In conclusion, Dakota Johnson’s second hosting gig on SNL allowed her to reflect on her initial appearance nearly a decade ago. The star-studded event and playful interactions with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon made for an entertaining and memorable night.