Gaslighting Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Tucker’s Manipulations

Los Angeles, CA – Tucker refuses to comment when contacted in his suite, but later tells a reporter on the phone that Audra Charles’s involvement is “fascinating.” He criticizes the reporter for receiving false information and suggests that their fact-checker needs to be fired. In a statement, Tucker takes full responsibility for the situation and expresses that he has learned from the experience.

Ashley meets Audra at Society and they discuss Kyle’s cover being blown. However, Ashley reveals that she wanted to meet with Audra for a different reason. She questions Audra about her connection to Tucker and if she would be willing to betray him. Ashley wonders if Audra might have the answers she is seeking since she feels cut off from Tucker.

Audra admits that Tucker can be infuriating and enjoys playing games, but she has never known him to gaslight anyone. She suggests that maybe Ashley is exaggerating the situation and questions if Ashley’s feelings for Tucker are clouding her judgment. Ashley insists that Tucker is lying about what happened in Paris and accuses him of gaslighting.

At the ranch, Sharon talks to Victor about her upcoming business launch. She thanks him for allowing her to keep Kirsten Inc and asks for his advice. Victor advises her to confront her problems directly.

In a suite at the Club, Nikki wakes up to find Seth, her sponsor, in the room. She is startled but soon realizes who he is. Seth explains that Lauren gave him Nikki’s number and he came to help her. Nikki recalls her drunken state the previous night and expresses her embarrassment. Seth reassures her and reminds her of her strength to overcome challenges.

Seth leaves, and Victor enters the room. Nikki confesses her disappointment in herself and apologizes for not reaching out to him sooner. Victor comforts her and reassures her of his love and support.

In a prison holding room, Claire anxiously waits to see Jordan. She expresses her fear and uses the restroom to calm herself. Victoria and Cole discuss their decision to allow Claire to meet with Jordan, but Victoria worries if it was the right choice. They reassure Claire and promise to support her throughout the meeting.

Claire meets Jordan and confronts her about the harm she caused. Jordan pleads her innocence and blames Nikki for hurting Claire. Claire asserts that Jordan took away her happiness and manipulated her. Jordan attempts to convince Claire that they can help each other, but Claire refuses and declares that she will not let Jordan continue to control her life.

Claire eventually calls for a guard and Jordan is escorted away. Cole, Victoria, and Claire leave the prison, with Cole and Victoria promising their continued support.

Ashley confronts Tucker about gaslighting her in the dining room. Tucker recalls the events differently and questions Ashley’s doubts. Ashley rejects his attempts to make her doubt herself and accuses him of psychoanalyzing her. Tucker suggests that her doubts indicate she still has feelings for him.

In conclusion, Tucker’s involvement and Ashley’s suspicions continue to unravel, with Audra adding her perspective on Tucker’s behavior. Sharon seeks advice from Victor, and Nikki navigates the aftermath of her drunkenness with support from Seth and Victor. Claire confronts Jordan and makes a powerful stand against her manipulation.