General Hospital Bids Farewell to Beloved Bobbie Spencer with Heartwrenching Memorial Service and Fond Memories from Co-Stars

Los Angeles, CA – The soap opera, General Hospital, is set to bid farewell to the beloved character Bobbie Spencer, portrayed by the late Jackie Zeman. The two-part tribute will feature Bobbie’s memorial service and heartfelt reminiscences from key figures in her life and the fictional town of Port Charles. Both episodes will air on January 10th and January 11th. It was reported that the cast found the taping of the memorial service to be both cathartic and heart-wrenching.

One of Jackie Zeman’s closest friends and co-stars on General Hospital, Kin Shriner, shared their on-screen romance as Bobbie and Scott, as well as a long-lasting friendship that spanned over four decades. In a previous tribute hosted by The Michael Fairman Channel, several of Jackie’s former co-stars, including Shriner, Rick Springfield, Brad Maule, Tamara Braun, Tristan Rogers, and Sam Behrens, shared their fond memories of working with the legendary GH star.

Kin Shriner revealed that prior to her passing, Jackie Zeman remained positive and hopeful, even when her character, Bobbie, was not in the forefront. He recounted a conversation they had on New Year’s Eve in 2022, where Jackie expressed her optimism and excitement for future storylines and appearances. Despite being unwell during the Nurses’ Ball, she still delivered her lines flawlessly, showcasing her professionalism and dedication to her craft.

Throughout her tenure on General Hospital, Jackie Zeman’s enthusiasm for her character, Bobbie Spencer, was undeniable. She loved being a part of the show and looked forward to upcoming scenes and storylines. Fans of the long-standing friendship between Bobbie and Scott, portrayed by Zeman and Shriner, will undoubtedly miss their on-screen dynamic.

The loss of Jackie Zeman and her portrayal of Bobbie Spencer is mourned by both the General Hospital cast and its loyal viewers. Her memorial service on the show will undoubtedly provide closure for fans who have followed her journey over the years. The tribute serves as a testament to Jackie Zeman’s talent and the impact she made during her time on General Hospital.

In conclusion, General Hospital will be honoring the late Jackie Zeman with a two-part farewell tribute to her character, Bobbie Spencer. The episodes will feature Bobbie’s memorial service and reflections from those who knew her best. The cast found the taping to be an emotional experience. Kin Shriner, a close friend and co-star, shared heartfelt memories of working with Jackie Zeman. Her absence will be deeply felt by the General Hospital community as they say goodbye to Bobbie Spencer.