GH’s Robert and Diane Clash Over Sentiments as Sonny’s Trial Looms

Los Angeles, California – Robert arrives at The Savoy with a bouquet of flowers, prepared for his meeting with Diane. In the lobby, he engages in a conversation with N’neka and discreetly hands her a tip for a separate matter they had discussed previously. Diane enters, accompanied by Alexis and Sonny, wearing a smile on her face. She joins Robert and clarifies that she had only run into Sonny and Alexis outside. Robert hopes to impress Diane and asks her to dance when her favorite song plays. However, Diane assumes he orchestrated the song selection and declines the invitation for a dance, instead requesting an apology.

Confused, Robert admits he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Diane reminds him that he swore to bring Sonny down, mimicking his voice and words. Robert remains puzzled, believing their banter was all in good fun. Diane asserts that it crossed a line and was not an innocent exchange. Robert still fails to comprehend, asserting that their previous discussions were solely about going after Sonny legally, and he sees no reason to apologize. He reiterates that his actions are part of his job, but Diane accuses him of harboring a personal vendetta against her client. She expresses displeasure at his apparent gloating. Robert questions whether she is upset about the possibility of him winning or Sonny losing.

Their conversation continues as they debate Sonny’s guilt or innocence. Robert challenges Diane by asking if Sonny is merely her client or if they are friends. Diane confirms that Sonny is one of her closest friends and wonders if that changes Robert’s perception of her. Undeterred, Robert affirms that he views her as an intelligent and passionate woman, and that opinion will not waver. However, he admits he struggles to understand how she can overlook Sonny’s criminal activities. Diane counters by asking how it differs from Robert looking past the alleged crimes committed by Anna and Holly. She maintains that there is more to both Sonny and her other clients than meets the eye.

Diane wants to know if Robert can accept her friendship with Sonny, to which he questions if she can accept his obligation to prosecute individuals like Sonny. Realizing they have reached an impasse, Diane concedes that she would never expect Robert to apologize for being true to himself. Likewise, she urges him not to apologize for caring about Sonny. They agree to compartmentalize their personal and professional lives, leaving their clients in the courtroom and focusing solely on their own relationship.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Sonny engage in a conversation at the bar, seemingly in no rush to leave. Sonny shares that he recently saw Kristina and acknowledges Alexis for taking a step back from her daughter’s situation, recognizing it as a positive move. Though it pains her, Alexis acknowledges the difficulty of stepping back from Kristina’s affairs.

Sonny offers words of reassurance, reminding Alexis that Kristina knows her heart is in the right place. He suggests they follow the lead of their children in navigating the complex dynamics. However, their conversation is interrupted when both Molly and Kristina call them, diverting their attention elsewhere.

Over at the hospital, Finn reaches out to his daughter, Violet, over the phone, regretfully informing her that he won’t be able to tuck her in that night due to work obligations. He acknowledges that his trial begins the following day, expressing anxiety about the potential impact on his career. Liz, Finn’s partner, assures him of her confidence in his abilities and promises to support him through this challenging time. They share a tender moment, with Finn expressing gratitude for having Liz by his side.

In the midst of Finn’s concerns, Martin arrives, summoned by Finn for a late-night meeting. Finn reveals that they have discovered new evidence that may aid in his case. He informs Martin that Muldoon saw a doctor before coming to him and was then referred to an oncologist. They lack crucial details such as the doctor’s identity and whether Muldoon actually consulted them. Liz fears it may lead to a dead end, but Martin remains optimistic. He offers the assistance of a private investigator he knows who may be able to uncover the mysterious oncologist’s identity. Martin imparts essential advice to Finn, cautioning him to stick to answering only the questions asked during his testimony and not to offer any additional information. Additionally, he warns Finn that his past struggles with substance abuse may be brought up by Diane, urging him to present himself as the man they know him to be. As Martin departs to contact Sam and initiate the search for the oncologist, Liz invites Finn to her house, recognizing the need for comfort and support during this trying period. They share a tender kiss, finding solace in each other’s arms.

Jordan finds herself at home, awaiting the arrival of Brick, whom she had summoned for a specific task. Intrigued by Brick’s arrival, he flirts playfully with her, questioning the purpose of his presence. Jordan explains that she requires someone with his technical expertise for an off-the-books operation. Brick eagerly inquires about the mission at hand.

Jordan reveals that she needs him to track down a contact who has recently cut off communication. She emphasizes the need for his technological skills to locate this individual. Brick accepts the assignment and requests Jordan’s number to triangulate the contact’s last-known location. After providing her number, Jordan expresses a hope that he won’t misuse her personal information. As Brick departs, he cryptically remarks, “Got ya now!”

Dante and Chase find themselves at the police station, engaged in a discussion about being called to testify in court. Laura arrives, revealing information shared with her by Heather regarding Esme. Dante acknowledges that Spencer’s suspicions were accurate, as Esme indeed possess complete recollection of events. Chase suggests that Heather must have ulterior motives behind her actions. Despite the complexity of Heather’s intentions, Laura believes that her deranged mother desires to protect her daughter in her own twisted way.

Realizing the imminent threat posed by Esme, Laura voices her determination to have her arrested before she carries out any further harm. However, Dante interjects, explaining that they require a warrant to make an arrest. Laura discloses that Robert is currently working on obtaining the necessary documentation and implores her companions to join her in searching for Esme.

Laura, Chase, and Dante converge on The Invader, a local establishment, in search of Esme. To their surprise, they discover Kevin unconscious in Alexis’ office. While Dante contacts paramedics, Laura desperately tries to rouse Kevin. Once he is stabilized, a doctor allows Laura a brief moment with him before he is whisked away for further tests. Beside his hospital bed, Laura beseeches Kevin to awaken and confirm that Esme was responsible for his condition, enabling them to bring her to justice. With urgency in her voice, Laura leaves a voicemail for Spencer, requesting an immediate conversation regarding Esme.

Meanwhile, Chase contacts Dante, still at the hospital, to share a breakthrough in their search for Esme. They have uncovered a letter written by Esme’s former nanny, Maggie, indicating that she has accepted a job with a family in Toronto and wishes for Esme to visit her. As Dante relays this information to Laura, she inquires about Esme’s connections in Toronto.

As the episode of General Hospital reaches its conclusion, Kristina is seen at home, researching her baby’s astrological sign. TJ arrives, curious about Kristina’s preoccupation. Molly reveals that Kristina is pregnant, prompting an elated response from TJ. The couple embraces, and thoughts of their past loss resurface for TJ, causing him to become emotional. Kristina urges them not to lose hope and assures them that they will face any challenges together. She promises that, in the worst-case scenario, they will handle it as a team and try again when they are ready. Grateful for her support, TJ affectionately declares Kristina a rock star.

Moments later, Alexis and Sonny arrive at Kristina’s home, followed closely by Jordan. Kristina shares the news of her successful procedure, announcing that she is carrying Molly and TJ’s baby. The room fills with celebratory embraces, but Molly, harboring doubts, privately questions Alexis if she truly feels happy about the situation. Alexis reassures her daughter that she is always on their side and genuinely thrilled for them. As the group revels in their joy, Alexis receives a work-related call and hastily departs, urging the others not to let her abrupt exit dampen the moment.

Sonny raises a toast, joined by everyone present, and expresses his pride in Kristina. Promising his unwavering support, he reassures her that she can always turn to him for anything she needs. They embrace, basking in the warmth of their familial bond.