Golden Globe Awards 2024: Taylor Swift’s Candid Reactions and Memorable Moments Steal the Show

The 81st Golden Globe Awards made its return to broadcast TV on Sunday, airing on CBS for the first time in decades. The ceremony took a more subdued approach compared to previous years, aiming to prove to networks and advertisers that they could host a successful event without offending anyone. Hosted by Jo Koy, the show initially received mixed reactions, with Taylor Swift notably expressing her discontent and taking a drink from her table. However, the show persisted in its efforts to capture Swift’s reactions throughout the night.

While the main goal of the Golden Globes was to avoid offending everyone, it also aimed to showcase a more respectable image and regain public trust after past controversies. The producers successfully avoided controversy by sidestepping certain elements of Jo Koy’s opening monologue and focusing on the nominees and presenters. Notable moments included a subdued onstage reunion of the TV series Suits, although Meghan Markle was unable to attend.

Despite the ceremony’s efforts to reinvent itself, it still faced criticism. Some believed that the Globes needed to be permanently canceled after NBC dropped them in 2022. However, the ratings for this year’s broadcast received a likely boost from the preceding Kansas City Chiefs vs. LA Chargers game, which drew a large audience. The increase in viewership may help overshadow the stains on the ceremony’s reputation and the now defunct Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which was responsible for running the show.

The revamped Golden Globes featured expanded categories, nominees, and presenters, signaling a recognition of the diverse talent within the industry. Some noteworthy winners of the evening included Oppenheimer, Beef, Succession, and Killers of the Flower Moon. Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie also garnered attention, despite losing in the Best Comedy Movie category. The ceremony concluded on a lighthearted note, with entertainers like Jim Gaffigan and Kevin Costner providing comedic relief.

In the end, the 81st Golden Globe Awards demonstrated that it has the potential to thrive in the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Although it faced criticism and skepticism, the event proved that it still holds a significant place in Hollywood.