Grand Admiral Thrawn Takes Center Stage in New Star Wars Comic Series

Los Angeles – The Star Wars universe is filled with countless supporting characters, but one in particular has captured the attention of fans: Grand Admiral Thrawn. This iconic character from the spinoff books and comics has now made his live-action debut in the Ahsoka series, portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen. Before his on-screen appearance, Thrawn gained popularity through a series of novels written by Timothy Zahn, which have since been retconned as “Legends.” However, Thrawn’s enduring appeal led to his introduction into the modern Star Wars canon through the animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

Now, fans have another opportunity to delve into the story of Thrawn with the release of Star Wars: Thrawn – Alliances, a three-issue comic co-written by Timothy Zahn and Jody Houser, with artwork by Pat Olliffe and Andrea Di Vito. This comic series is based on Zahn’s 2018 novel of the same name, which explores the intriguing dynamic between Thrawn and Darth Vader.

The first issue of Star Wars: Thrawn – Alliances takes readers on a journey across two distinct time periods. Set two years before the events of the original Star Wars film, A New Hope, the story unfolds with Thrawn being summoned by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to address a disturbance in the Force on the planet Batuu. Palpatine assigns Thrawn and Vader to work together and solve this potential problem.

Interestingly, it is revealed that Thrawn and Vader have a shared history on Batuu. Unbeknownst to Thrawn, he had previously crossed paths with Vader, who at the time was still Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi. Their encounter on Batuu occurred because of Padme Amidala, who had been drawn to the planet by a message from her ally, Duja. Although Duja had already been killed by the time Padme arrived, she discovered a hidden recording that informed her about a Separatist factory on the planet Mokivj. Determined to investigate, Padme set out to find the factory, causing Anakin to frantically search for her on Batuu. It is during this search that Anakin encounters Thrawn, leading to an eventual alliance between the two.

The narrative then jumps back to the present, where the now Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader return to Batuu, where they must once again work together. This time, their mission involves confronting the violent aliens known as Darshi. The first issue ends with an intense cliffhanger as Thrawn and Vader engage in a cantina-fight against the Darshi.

Star Wars: Thrawn – Alliances #1, published by Marvel Comics, promises to be a thrilling continuation of Thrawn’s story. With the combined might of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Empire’s greatest strategist, it seems unlikely that the Darshi stand a chance against their formidable opponents.

For fans looking to immerse themselves in the expansive Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Thrawn – Alliances #1 is set to provide an exciting and captivating reading experience.